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Your Total Annual Savings (after membership fee) $2,083 $1,683
NYSRA Save Programs All Programs
Annual Savings
Mandated Programs
Annual Savings
Workers' Compensation $2,235.00 $2,235.00
Disability Insurance $102.60 $102.60
Sexual Harrassment Prevention Training $45.00 $45.00
Prime Source Rebate Program $400.00
Music Licensing $75.60
GROW Webinars: $30.00
2 Free Passes to NY Restaurant Show $130.00
Estimated NYSRA Program Savings $2,782.60 $2,382.60
Estimated NYSRA Membership Fee -$700.00 -$700.00
Estimated Total Annual Savings $2,082.60 $1,682.60

Note: NYSRA expressly disclaims any liability (including but not limited to any and all express or implied warranties) to any NYSRA Member or any other party who elects to retain or employ a NYSRA-endorsed program provider. ALL CALCULATIONS ARE BASED ON AVERAGE SAVINGS. YOUR EXPERIENCE MAY BE DIFFERENT. Effective Date: 01.08.2019